9 water podcasts on the water industry and water technology

Here are some of the best water podcasts on the water industry and water technology to keep you informed and entertained.


1. Words On Water podcast

Words On Water is a podcast from the Water Environment Federation. It features conversations with influential and interesting people from the water sector. Episode #38 includes Xylem’s Al Cho, Vice President of Advanced Infrastructure Analytics, discussing the use of smart technologies in water infrastructure.

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2. Water Values Podcast

Each episode of the Water Values Podcast explores a different aspect of the water industry, such as water utilities, treatment, resources and reuse. A recent episode featured Patricia Sinicropi, Executive Director of the Water Reuse Association, describing the current state of water reuse.

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3. Water In Real Life podcast

On the Water In Real Life podcast, the “H2duO” Arianne Shipley and Stephanie Zavala chat with thought-leaders from inside and outside the water industry. The podcast focuses on how to communicate and collaborate with water customers to make an impact. Episode #12 presents the “Water Nerd’s Guide to Storytelling.”

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4. What’s Up With Water podcast

What’s Up With Water is a weekly news podcast from Circle of Blue, an international network of leading journalists and scientists reporting on the global freshwater crisis. The podcast condenses need-to-know news on the world’s water into a snapshot at the start of the week.

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5. BlueTech Research podcast

This podcast is produced by BlueTech Research, a global provider of water technology market intelligence. The podcast features interviews with water industry experts, corporate innovators and water technology specialists. Recent episodes have covered using real-time monitoring to test for drugs in wastewater, and how IOT technology is used to handle wastewater solids.

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6. Talking Under Water: One Water, One Podcast

The Talking Under Water podcast features three editors from Water & Wastes Digest, Water Quality Products and Storm Water Solutions discussing water industry news. Recent episodes have addressed water equity, WEFTEC 18 and Hurricane Florence.

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7. Stuff You Should Know podcast

The Stuff You Should Know podcast aims to explain everyday things in an entertaining way. Although the podcast is not specifically about water, over the years Josh and Chuck have covered water topics such as How Desalination Works, How Floods Work, How Watersheds Work, and Who owns the oceans?

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8. WQA Radio podcast

WQA Radio is a podcast from the Water Quality Association, focusing on residential, commercial and industrial water treatment. The podcast features leading voices in the treatment industry and members of WQA. Recent episodes have covered the Flint water crisis, women in the industry, and treating water for beer.

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9. Water You Talking About podcast

Water You Talking About is a podcast produced by doctoral students researching urban water technologies. Recent episodes focused on how the sewers of Paris have captured the imagination of writers, engineers and politicians, and the water legends throughout time who have made water systems great.

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